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Past Winners

2012 - 2011 - Mrs. Bilek

2011 - 2010 - Ms. Southern

2009 - 2010 - Mr. Crow

2008 - 2009 - Mrs. Rubin

2012 Champs
2012 Champs

5th Period Tug-o-War

2013 Tug of War
Tug of War 4 398.JPG
Tug of War 4 399.JPG
Tug of War 4 384.JPG

Head to Head Results

  • Logue v. Inman
  • Spalding vs. Ventura
  • Shak vs. Davis
  • Kaiser vs. Rubin

* Teams in bold won

TMS Tug - o - War Rules


  1. If your class does not have sufficient players they may,  at the discretion of the Director of Activities, be allowed to join with another team.
  2. Only a certain number of students can represent each homeroom- ·8th grade= 12 students; 7th grade= 14 students; 6th grade= 16 students     
  3. It is single elimination, so once one person from your homeroom steps over the line, you are eliminated from the competition.
  4. A winner is determined by whichever homeroom does not cross the line between the two competitors.
  5. At least two girls from each homeroom must be part of the team, if no girls are present, then your team may be disqualified.
  6. The teachers are not allowed to be on the tugging teams, they may be present, but may not participate.  
  7. NO ONE may wrap the rope around any part of their body, if we see you have the rope twisted around you, your homeroom class will be disqualified.