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    Principal’s Weekly Communication

    Middle School Years

    On Sunday we all moved our clocks ahead by one hour. Many parents are now facing the daunting task of waking up sleepy children to try and get them to school on time. It’s a real struggle. Many researchers believe daylight saving time is not good for us. Our bodies evolved, over millions of years, to be attuned to the sun’s rhythm. Daylight savings is an artificial jump forward from standard time, which is more aligned with the path of the sun. Sunlight in the morning dumps different chemicals into our brains that coordinate mental and physical health. 

    The artificial shifting of our clocks each year may be good for outside BBQs and working later on the summer nights, but it does not fool our bodies. The shift raises stress levels and inflammation, shortens our sleep, and increases depression. A recent traffic study found a 6% increase in fatal car crashes in the week after we spring forward. Adults also see an increase in heart attacks during that same time period. 

    This change can be very hard on your middle schoolers.  They have a natural delay in their biological clock. This phenomenon is seen across cultures—and even across species—and may be evolution’s way of giving teenagers more independence. Their melatonin—the drowsiness hormone—rises later in the evening, prompting them to go to sleep later and wake up later than the rest of us. The darker it is in the morning and the sunnier it is later in the day, the harder it is for them to get to bed on time. The result is shortened sleep, an increase in accidents, and a higher risk of depression.

    Due to a number of causes, this generation is already one of  the most sleep-deprived populations in human history and sleep is vitally important during all the physical and mental changes that happen at this time in your middle schoolers life. A sleep-deprived brain is slower to react and makes more mistakes. Lack of sleep may also lead to increased sadness and depression.  A new study in the Journal of Adolescent Health finds that for kids ages 11 to 14, “sleep was one of the top predictors of positive mood and protectors against anxiety and depression during the pandemic.”


    Registration for Current 6th and 7th Grade Students 

    Be on the lookout for registration documents that will be emailed to students and parents on March 21, 2023 following our registration assemblies.  Following the assemblies, our students will be spending time in class selecting their electives. We will send you a list of our elective choices for next year so you can have a discussion with them about their choices. Registration will be completed by filling out a Google form prioritizing course choices.  We will be hosting a question and answer session on March 21, 2023 at 6:30 PM. Forms are due March 24, 2023.

    8th Grade Promotion Gowns

    Information was sent out to parents last week via USPS about gowns for promotion. Gown orders are due Thursday, March 23! Here is the link to the letter that was mailed - Promotion Letter. Here is the link to the - Gown Order Form. Just in case you cannot find your copy, a separate ParentSquare will come out tomorrow with the letter and the order form.Our promotion is on Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 7:00 PM. That’s the day before the THS graduation!

    PowerSchool Grades

    We have found that a few of our students have figured out how to increase their grades…and it’s not by studying and turning in homework! They have figured out how to manipulate the screens on the phones and on their chromebooks with the inspect function. Most of our kids are great, but we have already had a few calls from parents about the grades being different ion their parent portal from what their student is showing them. Here’s a YouTube video that shows students how to do it. This does really change the grade in the system, but it can fool you.  In order to defeat this nefarious plot, simply refresh the page on their computer or phone.  Better yet, check their grades using your own login on the parent portal to check the grades.  You can always contact us to get up to date grades if there is a question. 

    Spring Forward

    Please be aware that it’s time to Spring Forward! Oftentimes, this can cause our middle schoolers (and staff) to be a bit grumpy for the next few days or weeks as our bodies adjust to the new wake up times.  

    Dates to remember:

    March 21, 2023 - Registration Q & A Night. 6:30 PM

    March 24, 2023 - 6th and 7th Grade Registration forms due.

    March 28, 2023 - Suicide Prevention Parent Forum. 6:30 PM

    March 28, 2023 - Suicide Prevention Parent Forum

    Dr. Gene Miller

    TMS Principal

     Here are some resources you may find useful:

     Talking to Children about Violence: Tips for Parents and Educators (National Association of School Psychologists)

     Coping in the Aftermath of a Shooting (American Counseling Association)

     Helping Children Cope With Frightening News (Child Mind Institute)

    Helping Young Children Who Have Experienced Trauma: Policies and Strategies for Early Care and Education (Child Trends)

    Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Trauma (Child Trends)

    Talking to Children about the Shooting (Child Trends)

     TMS Counseling Form - When your student needs extra support from Mr. Heinen or Mrs. Leopard with a variety of issues.

    Student Health and Well Being 

    If your student is feeling sick, please keep them home. If they have symptoms of COVID, please keep them home and it is recommended that you have them tested. Students who are ill and stay home are not considered unexcused absences. We want to ensure that all students have a safe environment. If you have questions about the guidelines, please reach out.In order to keep schools open, TMS continues to utilize mitigation strategies, including: masking, ventilation, testing, contact tracing, quarantines, cleaning/disinfecting, limiting on campus activities, and reminding students of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

    If you have not had the opportunity to read the update from Mr. Asplund, please see it here.

    Click COVID-19 Positive Notifications to see TUSD data.

    Prevention and Early Intervention Referral - When your student or family needs extra support from the school for a variety of academic and personal problems, including those related to grades, conflict with others, depression, anxiety, grief, recent life changes, alcohol and/or drug use, food, housing, and other essentials, such as child care, utility assistance, and health services.


    TMS News

    It's not too late to purchase a Yearbook for your Eagle! Head to the Jostens website and in a few short clicks you can buy a piece of 2022-23 TMS history for just $55. All Yearbook purchases must be made through the Jostens website. Don't miss out! 

    Click Here to order your yearbook


    The TMS PTO is a great way to help support the school. They help raise needed money and sponsor great on-campus activities for our students.  Want to join a great group of individuals and help support TMS? Join the PTO by clicking here. Be a Golden Eagle Supporter 


    GREAT in 6th Grade Classes

    We have a wonderful opportunity involving our School Resource Officer, Deputy Munoz, and the GREAT program.  GREAT stands for Gang Resistance Education and Training.  The goal of this program is to create a culture of respect within our school/community. The program is a prevention, skills based program that is not just about gangs.  Its aim will be to teach kids how to resist peer pressure, stay out of trouble, and deal appropriately with bullying, among other topics.  The students will be involved in scenarios on how to make positive decisions. Some classes started the 13-week program this week, and the rest of the classes will start the program in January.  Thank you for your support!


    TES Pick Up Safety

    TES appreciates the partnership in keeping the surrounding campus area safe when picking  up your student near the school.  Parents/Guardians shall follow posted signage as this is the protocol TES families follow for walking and driving to and from campus.  It is appreciated that families waiting for the TMS/VES/THS dismissal allow TES families to have parking spaces on campus and surrounding streets as the campus releases between 2:30-2:50 pm.  Keeping all of our eagles safe is our priority.  Soar safely!

    Drop off and Pick Up

    I have some expectations for you as well parents!  When dropping your children off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon, please think safety first. Students should only exit the vehicle at the curb. Near the office we have four lanes of traffic. Please drop students off in the right lane on either side. The left lane is for exiting vehicles.  When you drop your children off in the left lane, other drivers are not expecting children there. I want to make sure all of our students arrive safe and sound.  Following that simple expectation will help a lot!


    See Something, Say Something

    At our expectations assemblies, we asked students that if they see something that may be a hazard to themselves or others, that they tell an adult at home and an adult at school. This hazard could be anything from a tripping hazard to bullying to messages on social media that threaten violence. If your student comes to you with a concern, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  We must be a team to help ensure a safe environment. If the concern is urgent, you can always send me a text at 805-591-0756. 



    TUSD Parent Resources Portal

    TMS Leadership Class Announcements




    • Google Cheat Sheet for Students & Parents
    • Be sure to log into PowerSchool daily to check your student’s grades. Please stop by the office if you need a print out of how to access it/your log-in.
    • Helpful information can be found on the daily bulletin, which can be opened on the website under quick links or here. The bulletin has a lot of information.  
    •  These are announced daily over the loudspeaker and are also in the daily bulletin.
    • If you have an issue you need help solving, please contact us. We care about you!

    Resources Available


    8th Grade Promotion Requirements

    8th grade students and parents~ Please read this important document regarding promotion requirements. 

    8th Grade Promotion Requirements

    Requisitos de Promoción del Octavo Grado


    For Parents, Guardians & Students: Track grades, attendance and list of assignments.

    Powerschool - Powerschool Link

    Parents & guardians the Parent Single Sign-on reference guide.

    PowerSchool Parent Portal User Guide

    Assistant Principal's Message: 

    Dress Code and Tardy Policy 

    Parents please take the time to read our Dress and Grooming Guidelines.  Dress Code.

    At TMS, we prioritize having students arrive at school and classes throughout the day on time.  Please read our TUSD Tardy Policy.


    Attendance policy

    Report bullying to the school by clicking here.

    Teacher's Office Hours

    Horas de la oficina del maestro 

    Need to contact the TMS Office? Start with an email to

    8th Grade Promotion Requirements        Requisitos de Promoción del Octavo Grado

    PowerSchool Parent Help: PowerSchool Parent Help

    Access to PowerSchool:
    The PowerSchool portal is a great resource for parents and students alike to monitor grades and attendance.  We are planning on opening the portal about one week after school opens.  Please watch our website and weekly messages for more information.

    Online Store
    In an effort to reduce paper and money changing hands, we are asking all of our parents to purchase certain items online. Please check the store if you would like to purchase an ASB card (which offers discounts on things like dances), your yearbook, or PE clothes. Click here to visit our online store.

    TMS Counseling and Registration

    TUSD Dress Code Policy

    TUSD Student Handbook and Annual Notice to Parents

    PTO Looking for Members

    Are you a parent that wants to be more involved in student life at TMS? Do you want to make friends and share your talents? SOUNDS LIKE YOU'RE A PERFECT FIT FOR PTO! The TMS PTO is looking for parents who are willing to help with 6th grade activities, 7th/8th dances and fundraisers! 

    Contact them at:

    TMS Office Staff   

    Hours: 7:30-3:30



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    TUSD exists to engage and work collaboratively with students, families and the community to create systems which develop character, academics, global awareness as well as economic, artistic, civic, digital and health literacy allowing our youth numerous options in the pursuit of an ethical and successful life in the 21st Century. With relationships as our foundation, we provide timely and caring feedback which guides progress and ensures success.


    TUSD is an educational system where stakeholders are empowered, respected and adequately resourced to deliver broad-based and effective pathways from which student and employee outcomes are self-determined as a result of individual talents, interests and choices. The fundamental values of integrity, perseverance, excellence and local control are apparent in all interactions between staff members and during interactions with the public.