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One Drama Student's Thoughts on Trip to Disneyland

This year’s band and drama trip to Disneyland was, to say the least, more than I could ever expect. Not only did we have great fun, but I’ve never learned more on a class trip before this one. As a drama class, I saw each of us improve in not only technique, but confidence and projection. I always have thought our drama class is excellent, but I never experienced their true potential until our two lovely clinics: improve, and stage.

As for our first clinic, our stage clinic, we learned what kind of things to warm us up before a performance of rehearsal; we learned the importance of knowing our characters, and the relationships between them, and how important it is to use expression that can be seen from the back row of an audience. We learned what to ask ourselves before we go on a stage to know who we are, why we’re here, what the character wants from the scene, we know where we are and finally, how the scene progressed to become whatever it may be. All of these we learned, of course, through fun activities that kept not only the drama’s attention, but the attention of our director and our chaperones.

For the second clinic, our improve clinic, we learned mainly how to carry out a ridiculous scene perfectly, without ever having to stop. The three key components to keep a scene progressing are: never say “no” to an idea, pay attention to the actions being made around you, and to know your character, even though it would mostly be established there, on stage.

In conclusion, the most the drama class got out of this is confidence and these excellent techniques. Even in just this one day we’ve been back, our class has been suggesting warm ups and talking about how we can improve our characters and their reactions. I see everything we learned is and will be applied for the rest of the time this drama class exists. I am absolutely astonished at the importance of this educational experience. I know for a fact that the fellow students of this class will remember this trip for the rest of their acting life, and for this reason, I wouldn’t trade the time I spent in those clinics for anything and I’m sure most of my fellow students would feel the same way.

--Alex Lee, 8th Grade